These yacht builders make the perfect recreational vessels for a nation centred on coasts

yacht makers, the venture magazineNothing says luxury quite like a yacht. Whilst Australian Made is a mark of pride for many manufacturers, the yacht-making tradition is especially important for a nation founded on and so fond of the water. These builders have been helping Australians and others all over the world enjoy sunny days on the sea for decades.


Since 1980, Riviera have been refining their design, even winning Modern Boating’s Boat of the Year honours three consecutive years in the ’90s. The innovation didn’t stop there. “When I bought Riviera, my vision absolutely was to make it one of the great names in boating and to be outstanding in every aspect of the boating lifestyle,” chairman Rodney Longhurst, who acquired the company in 2012, said.


Maritimo note that Australia’s near 32,000 nautical miles of coastline and position on the Indian, Southern, and Pacific oceans make it a natural spot for great boat builders to arise. Founder Bill Barry-Cotter, who also established Riviera, brought his yacht-building skills to Maritimo’s now 11 models. All exhibit a uniquely Australian flair with long-range capabilities to withstand the toughest seas.

Horizon Yacht

Advanced technology such as a computer numerical control (CNC) milling system covers more than 45 metres per minute with precision stopping, making for clean lines that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Horizon’s composites resin infusion moulding and vacuum assisted process result in lighter yet stronger vessels. Interiors are designed using 3D CAD and virtual reality.

Evolution Yachts

yacht makers, the venture magazineWhilst the company’s home base is in Florida, its building facilities are in Henderson, WA, where Australian experts craft and refit custom yachts. Projects in design push the boundaries of what has been available to luxury boating connoisseurs, and several completed models are available for charter whenever you decide to take advantage of your paid leave.

Austral Yachts

Four models allow sailors to strike the right balance between racing performance and comfort. The Farr 42 has a T-style keel with lead bulb and cast-iron fin for a low centre of gravity and a comfortable interior. The Clubman 36 is perfect for both winning a race and celebrating afterward. The Clubman Super 30 is a one-design class racer, whilst the Clubman 8 has room for six berths.

Sydney Yachts

With dealers in Japan, the US, and several European countries in addition to Terrey Hills, Sydney Yachts have made their way all over the world. The new GTS43 can accommodate six guests whilst delivering powerful performance, whilst the new GTS37 is suited for racers and families alike, easy to handle yet capable of competitive racing at the club and regatta level.

Johnson Yachts

Johnson offer five models that serve as a template that can be customised to buyers’ tastes. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, and all over the globe, Johnson have sold more than 300 yachts to luxury customers worldwide. The latest model, the Johnson 70, is scheduled for launch in March.

Windrush Yachts

From building a vessel that won the 2016 Formula 18 Australian championship to 40-metre power boats, Windrush have pushed the envelope on construction techniques. Windrush take pride in being able to customise just about any composite its customers can dream up and supply spare parts when needed for their standard models.

Whitehaven Motor Yachts

yacht makers, the venture magazineBruce Scott and builder Ryan Hanson set out to make the perfect vessel for cruising the Whitsunday Islands. Their efforts led to six models of yacht with “impeccable offshore capabilities” and interiors designed to maximise space and entertainment, ranging from 40 to 90 feet in length. Regular Whitehaven events foster a sense of community among owners.

Alaska Motor Yachts

The Leigh-Smith family have been selling boats for more than 50 years, and they keep getting more ergonomic and extravagant with each generation of yacht. The emphasis on design begins with a variable dead rise hull getting flatter toward the stern, maximising range and fuel economy. “It’s very apparent that our clients want to go further for longer & do it for less,” Ryan Leigh-Smith said.