Do you enjoy public speaking? Are you good at making people feel comfortable? Do you feel
you can brighten up a conversation? Roundtable moderation could be for you. Moderators are
the captains of roundtable discussions: they guide each session by setting a lively tone for the
conversation, they keep track of the flow of the discussion, they inspire knowledge-sharing with
questions and insights and generally add sparkle to the event.

Why should you consider becoming an event moderator?

To network with industry leaders

Moderators are tasked with creating an engaging conversation for the participants. Inevitably,
they get under the spotlight for the entire session as they guide the conversation. Moderating an
exclusive event can put you in front of a unique audience, providing an invaluable networking
opportunity and unparalleled exposure.

To showcase your expertise

Your knowledge and expertise are impressive and you may want to show them off when
possible, especially to key audiences. Smart moderators don’t just listen to the discussion; they
inspire it by adding comments and sharing relevant experiences, they summarise what is said,
point out knowledge and data, illustrate case studies, and ask blunt questions that get to the
heart of the matter. Showcase your expertise by actively participating and instigating an expert

To learn and grow

Being able to speak to top business leaders of specific sectors for a whole hour (or more) is a
unique opportunity. Event moderators get the chance to participate in exclusive conversations
and can learn a lot from the participants’ insights.

A stepping stone to more significant speaking opportunities

Mastering the art of mediation takes time and experience but practice makes perfect. By hosting
several events, event moderators can build up a portfolio that will increase their chances of
getting invited to more extensive and prestigious acts.

Many companies like The Ortus Club are continually looking for skilled speakers to mediate their
executive knowledge-sharing events, worldwide. Their events are generally hosted over a
three-course meal or online. If you’re interested in moderating a discussion, please contact