10 tech gifts for a happy Christmas

tech gifts, the venture magazineIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season of giving. Christmas is right around the corner, and you might not have even started putting together your shopping list. To help with the perfect present for that special someone or hard to shop for person — perhaps that person is you — here are some of the season’s top tech gifts.

Ember smart mug

Your morning cuppa will stay at a constant temperature no matter how long it takes you to drink it. Ember’s new extended life battery will keep coffee, tea, or whatever other beverage you fancy hot all day long, and you customise settings though the ember app. The mug comes in 10 or 14 ounces, plus a 12-oz. travel version, and a copper version for holiday hosting.

Backslash Fit smart mat

Many people will make a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape. This holiday tech gift will help them get a workout on the go, as it connects to yoga classes via Amazon Alexa. It’s longer than average mats, and snaps into place so there’s no shifting around when you’re trying to balance in tree or other tricky poses. The 5 mm thickness protects joints, and the nonslip bottom keeps everything in place. When you’re all done, the mat rolls itself up.

Coravin wine preserver

After your workout, you might fancy a glass of wine — but just one, and you want to keep the rest of the bottle as fresh as the vintner intended. Coravin helps you do that by extracting wine without removing the cork, so you can enjoy a taste whilst the remaining wine in the bottle stays in pristine condition unspoilt by the elements. Coravin also sell an aerator and fast pour needle, along with screw caps that preserve wine in screw bottles.

Casio Oceanus watch

tech gifts, the venture magazineThis tech gift adjusts automatically when you change time zones and keeps world time for over 300 cities, perfect for business travel or conducting international business. It’s solar powered and features a vapourisation technique on the surface of the dial that keeps the watch face clear. The titanium band attaches directly to the case, improving comfort and durability. Despite the sheer amount of tech in the watch, it’s only 9.5 mm thick, keeping it sleek and fashionable.

Canary security camera

Canary helps keep track of what’s going on at home even when you’re not there. Use it to check in on pets whilst you’re at work or on a trip, or make sure the kids are behaving when you run out to the shops. You can also monitor air quality and temperature, sound an alarm or call the police in an emergency, or just use the microphone to tell the dog to get off the sofa.

Muse EEG headband

We all have a lot to think about, nearly all the time. Occasionally, the storm raging in our own heads becomes overwhelming and we need to calm things. Muse makes meditation easy with a portable headset that connects via Bluetooth to its app full of soothing sounds that guide your focus to breathing and gives instant feedback as to how it’s affecting your brain and body. Most tech gifts stimulate, whilst the Muse headband calms.

The Mirror

tech gifts, the venture magazineThe interactive display complete with camera and speakers puts a personal trainer right in your house whilst taking up minimal space. Choose from an array of workouts from boxing to yoga with personalised attention to form and analytics measuring how well you’re doing. When not in use, it serves as a full-length mirror to show you how fit you’re getting.

Canon Inspic instant print camera

For a tech gift that combines the nostalgia of printed photos with the fun of filters and instant gratification, these handheld cameras can print photos instantly or save them with an SD card. Prints come in rectangular form or in a square with space for a handwritten message to go with the photo. It’s sort of like Snapchat meets real life.

Oculus Quest VR headset

The all-in-one gaming headset comes with handheld controllers for intuitive gameplay across a variety of titles. With no wires, you can play just about anywhere, and Oculus Insight accurately translates your motions to the game no matter which way you’re facing. Make the whole living room your game space, or get your gaming in in the closet without disturbing others.

Anker PowerCore portable charger

When you bring your tech gifts on the road with you, often you find yourself in a place where you can’t easily access an outlet to charge your gear. Not to worry when you have a portable charger that can revitalise the battery on your phone or tablet wirelessly and quickly.