Most people just do their jobs. Some do them well. And then you have the seven companies and their leaders on this list who continually push the boundaries in their respective industries. Read on to discover how these entrepreneurs are changing our world for the better through business.

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineDr James Muecke
Sight for All
2015 National Social category winner

The charity raises funds to deliver eye health care projects free of charge to partner communities and countries.

Dr James Muecke plans to establish an in-country presence in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. James was awarded an Order of Australia in 2012 for improving eye health in Asian and Aboriginal Australian communities.

What the judges said:

“Dr James Muecke is achieving wide reaching social impact in the world’s poorest communities through preventing and treating eye diseases. Using a network of benevolent ophthalmologists to train in country eye-surgeons, Sight For All has helped over 500,000 patients in the last 12 months.”

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineKayla Itsines and Tobias Pearce
The Bikini Body Training Company
2015 National Emerging category winner

Kayla and Tobias show just how crucial social media strategy is to modern business plans. The two run The Bikini Body Training Company, aimed at helping others look and feel good, and be happy and confident.

With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram alone, the brand provides fitness e-books, nutrition plans, and online recipes with regular updates for their followers. The brand is looking to grow internationally, and already has offices in New York and Adelaide.

What the judges said:

“The judges were very impressed by Kayla and Tobias’ tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. They have delivered an inspirational success story with phenomenal revenue and profit growth in a short space of time.”

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineJames Spenceley
Vocus Communications Limited
2015 National Listed category winner

James sold his house to fund his telecommunications startup, and the next year it was one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. He’s won the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Eastern Region Young category before, but as a member of the ASX200 with a market capitalisation of more than $600 million, it makes perfect sense to recognize the company that is keeping telecomm on its toes again.

What the judges said:

“James Spenceley put it all on the line in the early days to take on the telecommunications duopoly. He is a driven and focused entrepreneur who impressed the judges with his focus on cultural alignment, vision for the future, ability to execute the business plan, and grow shareholder value.

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineCyan Ta’eed and Collis Ta’eed
2015 National Services category winners

Businesses will always need branding and creative marketing to help them stand out. Envato’s offerings help them achieve these needs in a cost-effective way, sourcing the best talent from around the globe. Envato operates one of the largest online creative platforms of its kind. It helps businesses represent themselves through websites, video, branding, print and other media.

Cyan and Collis’ vision is for Envato to be accessible by anyone.

What the judges said:

“Cyan and Collis have created a global business connecting vendors and clients through the world’s largest creative design platform. Envato has achieved consistent, outstanding year-on-year revenue growth with impressive corresponding profitability.”

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineTimothy Power
3P Learning Limited
2015 National Technology category winner

Some may think it’s crazy to leave a lucrative law career to create education tech—but Timothy Power has successfully done just that. His motivation was equitable access to education, as he believes that learning provides resilience through life. 3P Learning Limited (3PL) is a global online education company which offers innovative products for schools and students in grades K-12.

Going forward, Timothy wants 3PL to reach 50 million students by 2019. He aims to replicate the model in the US and Canada.

What the judges said:

“Tim Power is incredibly passionate about making a difference in the lives of students across the world. As well as being a wonderful entrepreneurial business, 3P Learning’s numeracy, literacy and science learning software is giving students an advantage in first world and developing countries.”

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineBrian White AO
Ray White Group
2015 Family Business Award of Excellence

It’s hard enough to run a business that’s family owned, but it’s even harder to survive long-term. Ray White Group has succeeded through three generations and is currently transitioning into the fourth, proving its longevity and excellence.

What the judges said:

“The strong family governance honours the original family values and enables the core business to flourish, at the same time allowing the later generations to develop their own entrepreneurial pursuits.”

ey entrepreneurs, boss magazineManny Stul
Moose Enterprise Holdings & Controlled Entities
Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

Moose designs toy products in Australia and develops, manufactures and distributes from its factories in China and Hong Kong to over 80 countries. Manny has grown the company from 10 employees to over 200, and continues to innovate in a market that is incredibly tough to be successful in.

Read a full feature on the Entrepreneur of the year Manny Stul starting on the following page.

What the judges said:

Australian design talent and innovations have led Moose Enterprises to become a global toy phenomenon. Manny continues to take massive market share from global multinational toy companies.