Living a long life is a goal many people share. It is an intriguing topic that has piqued folk’s interest and inspired medical scientists to conduct research worldwide in search of answers. Both the science and the medical communities are uncovering big data on humans living longer than ever. However, while life-expectancy statistics indicate that, on average, we are living longer than ever — which is attributable to advancements in both health care and technology — quality of life is equally important as longevity.

The increasing number of both septuagenarians and octogenarians confirms that life expectancy has been extended significantly; however, upgrading the quality of life is a work in progress. Currently, there is a fork that divides medical modalities, that is, the Western- and Eastern-rooted principles, in achieving the optimal level of wellbeing for patients worldwide.

Somewhere in this mix, especially from the Western side (U.S.), the significance of harmony and balance has been minimalized, whereas these attributes are the foundation of a balanced, medical practicum from Eastern-influenced countries, such as China or India.

It is the splitting of these philosophies, this chasm of sorts, that has left a gap in research and development that is being filled by firms such as DuraScience, an advanced research and development institute headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company, which is comprised of a global team of researchers, recently launched a four-part series of wellness solutions, resulting from extensive scientific research.

At the cellular level, DuraScience has developed a regimen of dietary supplements that encompass the four basic requirements to live a fulfilled healthy life. The overall health of the body, the healthfulness of skin, the body shape, and its hormonal balance are the products’ objectives.

The company’s team seeks to leverage these four factors, ultimately, to contribute to “design the perfect human” of the future. According to the DuraScience research team, it is a biology-driven endeavour that will accomplish compiling and mixing the ideal genetic traits for the human of the future.


The team of world renowned experts at DuraScience. (PRNewsfoto/DuraScience Institute of USA)

Bringing Concepts to Market

There could be obstacles to face when bringing new, longevity and wellness products to the market. Even if the products are fully supported by contemporary medical science, the latest advancements in technology, and recognized industry pundits, the public may still be sceptical and dismissive toward such products defined as “dietary supplements.”

The Western culture, much like its medical professionals, may be inclined to question how harmony and balance and a holistic view involve “real medicine.”  Overcoming such dissonance is going to require an educative marketing campaign that would both quantify and qualify the credibility and trustworthiness of the manufacturers. These are challenges that must be handled to facilitate the market’s readiness to accept these innovative medical products. In summary, that is DuraScience’s game plan: to overcome these perceived entry barriers to gaining market acceptance.

Five Evidences of Scientific Reputation

Perhaps the best way a business can bolster its credibility or reputation is by the company it keeps. DuraScience is working with the world’s most-recognised governing agencies, both public and private bodies. The company is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) as part of its manufacturing process. These certifications from the U.S. FDA reflect credibility of manufacturers and legitimize products’ safety for use.

DuraScience is also recognised by the U.S. FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. According to the department, a failure of firms to comply with GMP regulations can result in serious consequences including recall, seizure, fines, and jail time. GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

In addition to the U.S. FDA, the company is also recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the de facto global body that develops and publishes international standards. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 162 national standards bodies. Since 1946, ISO has published over 22,302 International Standards covering all aspects of technology and manufacturing.

DuraScience’s products also hold Halal certification, a document that guarantees that products and services aimed at the Muslim population meet the requirements of Islamic law and therefore are suitable for consumption. Halal certification is a process which ensures the features and quality of the products according to the rules established by the Islamic Council that allow the use of the mark Halal.

Finally, DuraScience is recognized by the Natural Products Association (NPA) for its quality standards. The NPA is the largest and oldest non-profit organization representing the interests of manufacturers and retailers of the natural products industry, which includes organic and health foods, dietary supplements, natural ingredient cosmetics, and other similar products.

Together, these five certifications are evidence of DuraScience’s seriousness in ensuring their products are held to the utmost standards. This in turn brings peace of mind to customers who can be confident the supplements they are taking are of the highest quality.

With DuraScience joining the fight for enhanced health and wellness, maybe 60 already is the new 40 after all? Surely, it is a concept that surely would be embraced wholeheartedly.